Find The Right Unlimited Webflow Site Plan for Your Business

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December 28, 2022

Webflow's site plans have lots of options, and each provides something different; let's break it down

Find The Right Unlimited Webflow Site Plan for Your Business

Which Plan Is Right For Me?

Now a bit about us, each of our plans or offering is tailored to specific business needs; let's break it down: 

  • Need a new website? Have a website design? If your business does not have a website or has a website design, but needs it built in Webflow, then the "Getting Started" plan will be your most cost-saving option. We will develop and design your new Webflow website in 7 days. Our quick and efficient process allows us to help your business get online in as little time as possible. Of course, this includes fully custom design and your branding within the design. Click here to learn more about this offer.

  • Do you need website support for a new or current website? Businesses need a partner to help them stay online with consistent updates and monitoring. With our "Unlimited Subscription," you get access to our expert team of designers and Webflow developers at one monthly cost. We can help you with site updates, revisions, or landing page designs. Our developers will then build your new pages and funnels within Webflow. We will support you with unlimited support even if you have a current site design or Webflow site! If your business does not have a Webflow-developed website, we can rebuild your existing site or redesign and rebuild, but we only support website development in Webflow.

  • Is your website performing the way it should be? Some companies need more support when gathering, monitoring, and supplying website content; while marketing that content for consistent traffic. This is a big ask for business, mainly if your business is a startup that needs to keep stable costs while maximizing the traffic return. We will support your website goals with our "Expert Support" package. We only offer this kind of support a few times a year, so check if sports are open using the link here.

  • Are you a new startup looking to scale web traffic quickly? Startups should consider our "Expert Support" package, as the only items we don't cover are the products you are selling; even then, this package includes product renders. We support almost all primary website management and marketing needs with one even quarterly payment. We charge this package quarterly to ensure our client's needs are met throughout a specific timeline.

What Webflow Site Plan Is Right For Me?

Webflow's site plans have lots of options, and each provides something different; let's break it down:

General plans:

Basic - $14/mo (billed yearly) 

  • Great for portfolios or businesses that are mainly hosting landing pages. 
  • With zero CMS items, people hosting a blog, or products, will not find this plan right for them. 
  • We don't suggest worrying about the 500 form submission limit. If you use the forms correctly, your business should have a better position to upgrade to CMS. 
  • Great for startups who need a low monthly website hosting cost. 

CMS - $23/mo (billed yearly)

  • Perfect for content-driven sites. For example, a blog, product showcase, categories, projects, and social media. 
  • Accessing three content editors is perfect for a business owner to scale content creation.
  • Only purchase the CMS plan if you sell products on Webflow! More about eCommerce is below. 

Business - $39/mo (billed yearly)

  • If your business uses content traffic to lead sales, you will want to choose this plan.
  • Include ten content editors. 
  • Perfect for companies who use contact or call marketing/ sales methods to gain sales. 
  • We only suggest worrying about the 2,500 monthly form submissions once your business is in the position to contact Webflow. 

eCommerce plans: 

The primary difference between an eCommerce site plan and a General site plan is the inclusion of Webflow's eCommerce "tools." These functions include selling products, payment collection, email receipts, different product pages, and more. If you only plan on selling via direct contact, then these plans are not for your business. However, if you enjoy Webflow's CMS features and need direct sale support, the options below are for your company. 

Standard - $29/mo (billed yearly)

  • Expensive option for new businesses. If you hire a website designer or Webflow expert, they can connect your website to third-party apps to complete sales; without needing this site plan. 
  • If you have to host your site on Webflow and don't want to hire an expert, this plan is for you as Webflow makes it very easy to start selling.
  • The 2% transaction fee is ON TOP OF Stripe's and PayPal's fees which Webflow requires you to connect to complete sales. Be mindful of this when planning costs. 
  • Once your business is approaching <$50k in sales, you will want to upgrade your plan as soon as possible. If you go over $50k in sales, your website will only collect sales once you upgrade your account. 
  • Overall, there are better options than this site plan for business owners willing to hire a website designer or learn the platforms. 

Plus - $74/mo (billed yearly)

  • Perfect option for companies who want to use or are currently using Webflow's eCommerce tools. 
  • 0% transaction fee is best for keeping costs down.
  • Webflow's eCommerce tools are easy and quick to use; they work just like the CMS.
  • Once your business has <$175k in sales, you will need to upgrade your site. 
  • Excellent option for content-driven eCommerce sites because you get both CMS and eCommerce tools. 
  • Includes unbranded product emails as well. 

Advanced- $212/mo (billed yearly) 

  • Expensive option, high cost for eCommerce tools.
  • Worth it if your site has made more than $200k in sales using Webflow.
  • Great set of features and support if your business needs it.
  • 10,000 CMS items are plenty to keep your content running for years. If you have more than 10k CMS items, you should contact Webflow about their Enterprise plan and mention that you're hosted using eCommerce tools.

If you need help selecting your Webflow plan, contact us here. We'd be happy to help at no charge to you! 

At Zippy eCommerce, our offerings might seem unrealistic, with almost unlimited everything about your website. However, many companies need expert support with quick turnaround times and execution to engage better with their audiences and truly understand what the customer hopes to achieve with their product or service. Traditional creative execution usually bounces around speed, creativity, and goal alignment, which are critical to your business's marketing or social outcome. 

So, how did we align speed, quality, and goal success? 

Our process is streamlined from the start, taking years of industry and freelance knowledge and combining it into a system that helps business owners find more time to move their companies forward. When you sign up for our packages, we ask for all documentation, assets, and objectives for the project at the start. We ask this of our clients right after they sign-up, as the information is essential to our creative output. Although people have a lot of work at the start of a project, they don't need to provide any more content afterward. Only approvals or revisions. 

With this upfront ask, we are taking the customer through the most time-consuming process and then only asking them for short, quick bursts afterward. Therefore, allowing them to pivot their focus toward other areas of the business that need support. 

Almost all business owners have a distant vision they want to achieve for their organization, especially creatively speaking. However, capturing this vision correctly the first time we prescribe a solution is a significant challenge. This is why we offer unlimited revisions, modifications, and updates for our client's websites; they can sincerely perfectly tailor the site to the clear vision they hope to achieve. 

What if an owner has months or weeks' worth of edits?

That’s okay too! Our process allows clientele to post and prioritize website updates whenever needed. The design and development team work in a queue fashion that the customer controls. For example, a client publishes an update on Monday morning but realizes that the update posted Friday evening is no longer a top priority for them. They can move and adjust tasks as they see fit to their business. 

This model helps owners stay on top of their website efforts and control the updated content they want their customers to view. But we can’t take all the credit for this idea! There are a handful of designers and agencies who offer unlimited website support. What sets us apart? 

We don’t use templates or previous designs. 

  • All of our clients receive custom, branded concepts and designs that are tailored to their business needs. We’ve found that many companies that offer complete services use previous templates and customize them to the client’s brand. This practice saves time but overlaps the output a designer shares with clients, which is unfair to a prospect expecting a custom design. 

Webflow Only

  • Webflow is the future of web development and spearheading the no-code movement with an easy-to-use content management interface, page creation, and commerce upkeep tools. We only recommend our clients use Webflow for their websites as the platform can scale up or down as you grow your business. Starting with a strong base like Webflow will allow your site to be ready for whatever tomorrow has in store. 

Turnaround Time

  • We stand by our execution speed and quality; our offerings are built on saving our clients time. If a business starts, it can get online within as little as one week and end that week with a new, custom website. Depending on the request, owners who need more support can expect our team to deliver website updates and edits within 24 to 48 hours. Both processes save entrepreneurs time and ensure their customers can always connect with their brand. 

Unlimited Means Unlimited 

  • As we discussed above, we mean it when we offer unlimited revisions and support for your website. No matter how many updates you need for your website, we will ensure that the final product is what you hope to achieve. Zippy doesn’t offer any secondary offerings, so our customers can expect never to receive a message asking for more resourcing.

What Other Unlimited Website Agencies Are There?

We know our offerings are valuable, but as a business owner, you are entitled to shop around for the right fit. Below is a list of a few "unlimited" options and a few thoughts on why Zippy is a better option.


  • Not focused on Webflow support
  • Provides total graphic design support
  • Monthly cost options


  • The client (you) hires people rather than a team
  • Provides talent for all graphic design support
  • Flat monthly rate
  • It can quickly get expensive


  • Fixed pages, time, creation, etc.
  • "Unlimited" is very much fixed on the time you need from them
  • Not Webflow focused
  • Includes a lot of detail
  • eCommerce focused

Flow Sparrow

  • Specific, tailored design support
  • Expensive option
  • More of a one-on-one interaction

We hope that these insights confirm that unlimited website revisions are indeed actual! If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact us using the link here. Thank you for taking the time to review this blog post! We hope to support your business in the future.