Webflow & Website Developer

As a website and Webflow developer, your primary goal is to build website designs produced by our team, using our tools and templated assets for a streamlined design process from start to finish.

About Zippy

Our simple objective is to design and build fully custom websites for small business owners, using only no-code tools, that are ready for launch in seven days. This mission defines our unique and almost laughable name, “Zippy” (zip·py). Although we move fast, we are hyper-focused on using creativity and fresh ideas to produce client offerings while using intelligent tools and templated systems to simplify the design process. As a result, our team can focus on creative concepts rather than ensuring every detail of the design process.

Our systems are simple and fit into any designer's process. I will work closely with all members to ensure they understand each step of our design process. Zippy eCommerce believes in creating growth and an education-based environment for everyone. We will work with you to meet your future goals - even if they aren't aligned with the company's goals.


Through creative project output and content, we hope to send a message to clients that although we move fast, we still produce custom and innovative concepts every time we accept a new project. Our customers are business owners who focus on building their products or service offering. They enjoy receiving early feedback rather than creating a complete brand or market plan before they know if investing in heavy promotion is the right choice for their business. Our ideal collaborator or customer values their time more than anything else. They already spend a significant deal of time building their product; therefore, they do not have the luxury of strategizing the perfect website.

Job Goals

As a website and Webflow developer, your primary goal is to build website designs produced by our team, using our tools and templated assets for a streamlined design process from start to finish. Once a site design is fully completed, you are responsible for creating all pages, optimizing those pages, and ensuring that all connections are live. Lastly, the Webflow developer is responsible for updating the title, SEO, and meta description content before the site goes live. It is not the developer's responsibility to create this content but to ensure it's correctly optimized and placed throughout the site.

We understand that each development process is unique; therefore, we are flexible with all steps within our creative strategy and execution. Likewise, our development process is unique to our team and company; thus, we outlined each detail and will present our knowledge and experience to you once you have joined the company. However, from a high-level point of view, the internal development process is similar to that of a standard website build, excluding the site’s design from the developer’s end. Once the site creative is complete, we analyze the design, build each page within Webflow, optimize the build, and prep the design for launch.


Deep knowledge and experience of using Webflow.

Strong understanding of user experience, website best practices, and design principles.

Experience with developing web applications or sites using code.

Experience with HTML and CSS development.

Knowledge of modern website development trends, specifically, the difference between responsive and adaptive CSS layouts versus static pixel-based designs.

Experience with no-code automation tools, like Zapier.

Fluent conversation, team-working, and communication skills.

Ability to manage or direct self for consistent output.

Nice to have

Design or artistic experience.

Experience working directly with design teams to develop or build products.

Acknowledgment of no-code tools or no-code movement.

Familiarity with self-management, self-initiative, and organization of tasks.

Scope of work

Build websites using Webflow.

Scale backend content management systems within Webflow.

Optimize the site for desktop, tablet, mobile, etc.

Update meta-data, site content, and copy.

Connect third-party, no-code solutions to the client’s website.

Troubleshoot potential problems and provide site maintenance.

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