All-Natural Hemp

1. The Project

The team at Zippy had the task of producing a website that showcased the brand's product offerings, knowledge base, and sustainable product line. Palm Hemp acknowledged that they wanted a functional site for anyone to use, regardless of their experience within technology.

About Palm Hemp:

Palm Hemp is all-natural hemp and CBD dispensary based in the United States. Palm Hemp prides itself on the all-natural manufacturing process they use to bring flavorful products to its customers. Along with its natural product offerings, the brand's primary focus is to uplift the various sustainable products they offer to the CBD market.

2. Discovery

When Palm approached us, they had merely completed their creative and marketing rebranding; therefore, they needed a refreshed site to expand upon this new identity. Many of the assets we received were already well-organized, so our team could jump in and understand how we could make their customer's shopping process simple, transparent, and straightforward. On Palm's current site, they express their throughs using micro-interactions and the use of expanded product pages. Ultimately, we discovered that the client needed their customer to understand the product they purchased before finalizing the sale. Therefore, their content showcase included items like milligrams, directions of use, and ingredients as "must haves" with their content's showcase.

3. Definition

Now that our team had all the items Palm needed to showcase on their site, we started the process's next steps: wireframing and experience outline. Beginning with the human experience, we noted that shopping or adding products to a shopping cart was the most important action a user must perform. Therefore, we expanded upon this idea by identifying how we could showcase this immediate action. Furthermore, the Zippy team created extensive wireframes to understand better how the site's design needed implementation.

4. Action

We were ready to start designing the site! We loved the creative direction and use of design elements that Palm presented themselves with, so our team was eager to get started creating the subsequent interaction of the brand’s site. We focused on showcasing the natural elements of the client’s product imagery and ingredient usage. Large images, simple titles, and extremely clear call-to-actions are all items we emphasized throughout the site’s design.

5. Implementation

The outcome was a practical yet creative site design showcased Palm Hemp’s extensive product line and focused on using only all-natural ingredients. The client loved our static or site mock-up, as did we! Lastly, we completed the brand’s website build. We implemented estate e-commerce shopping tools like cart recovery, content management, and automatic email notices once users opted-in to receive updates.

Overall, we’re super happy with the design of Palm’s new site and can’t wait to see their team get the brand ready for launch!