Become A Highflier

1. The Project

Zippy was overly excited to work with Highfliers to build their new eCommerce shopping experience. Our team loved the product production and message; therefore, we knew we wanted to knock this project out of the park.

About Highfliers:

"Highflier" is defined as "An ambitiously competitive person with high aspirations." This simple yet straightforward definition perfectly captures the brand's critical insights about performance apparel. Highflier offers athletic apparel that is both incredibly comfortable and ready for any performance, regardless of the environment around the athlete. The brand hopes to inspire everyone to achieve their highest aspirations in sports and life.

2. Discovery

Our team started by analyzing what Highflier’s competitors were doing with their web experiences. We found that many standard eCommerce sites share many similarities. However, we noted vital elements consistent across all areas regarding unfunctional user experience and interactions. So why do we record and include these items within a new website project? Although every project is unique, functionality is the key to an easy shopping experience for customers.

3. Definition

Highfliers is a new brand that needs to demand growth. Therefore, we defined the need for solid Search Optimization, SEO tools, and content organization. We also ensured that the site’s user experience was clear, concise, and direct. The site's primary function is to showcase the diverse line of products and connect to fitness community members through creative content.

4. Action

Now that we acknowledge all functions and directions of the site, our team completed our standard site process. We organized product images and brand assets, laid out wireframes, designed the site, and ensured the site’s development was functional and easy to use. In addition, the Zippy team incorporated great details like exciting energy through color and type, realistic product features, and slick loading animations.

5. Implementation

Our team finalized all aspects of the site’s build and design for launch. Although you won’t find the Highfliers brand just yet, be on the lookout for their upcoming launch. We are hopeful for their customer’s experience and look forward to continuing to support them with any updates or product launches they might continue in the future!