Creating A Unique Experience For Talent & Leaders

1. The Project

We were approached by the Leaders Innovate team to collaborate on a new leadership and recruitment startup named Gilder. We loved the passion for helping millions of Filipino find their next opportunity, so we're happy to help build their fun and engaging site from the ground up.

About Gilder:

When scaling or expanding your business, you need a hiring partner who will work with you every step. Gilder is a Filipino recruitment platform focused on positively impacting everyone's lives. Both employers and freelancers can find the right people to work with for any project or growing team.

2. Discovery

We started by analyzing Gilder’s strong brand identity. Designed by Resty Santos, Lead Designer for Leaders Innovate, he expresses the Filipino culture extraordinarily well with the brand’s bright colors, fun layouts, and unique shapes. Now that we established our direction, we discussed the actions the site should perform. This included showcasing Gilder’s mission, service offering, and technology-focused niches.

3. Definition

Our team got to work organizing Gilder’s brand assets, framing the direction, planning the experience, and outlining the content approach for the site. Next, we confirmed the information of these items with the client and proceeded with the site’s wireframing process.

4. Action

All the pieces have been gathered, organized, and understood. Now, our team can start the design process. Inspired by the playfulness nature of the brand, we set out to incorporate as many of the unique creative elements as we felt were necessary. Details like the use of circles and round edges remained consistent throughout the design. Furthermore, items, buttons, and interest forms kept this individual shape in mind with bubbly call-to-actions and playful upward animations.

5. Implementation

Our design process was complete! The client was happy with the design rendering (static) mock-up, so to continue moving the project forward, our team supported Leaders Innovate by producing the copy for the entire homepage. For our final steps, we finalized the site’s development within Webflow. Finally, we ensured all breakpoints and mobile, and tablet screen sizes functioned properly before sending the test link for the client’s review!