All-Natural Hemp

Palm Hemp is an all-natural hemp and CBD dispensary in the United States. It prides itself on the all-natural manufacturing process they use to bring flavorful products to its customers. We created and refreshed the site to expand upon their new branding identity.

Become A Highflier

Highflier offers athletic apparel that is both incredibly comfortable and ready for any performance, regardless of the environment around the athlete. The brand's latest website provides a high-energy shopping experience for users.

Creating A Unique Experience For Talent & Leaders

We collaborated on a new leadership and recruitment startup named Gilder. We loved the passion for helping millions of Filipino find their next opportunity, so we're happy to help build an engaging site from the ground up.

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Is the website design really unlimited?
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Once your package is selected, you or your team can add as many design revision requests to your board as you need. Each request is delivered one by one in a queue fashion. Afterward, we build the site and deliver the final product to the client. Once our transfer process is complete, the client can update the website as they see fit.

Already have a website but need support?
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We can support you with your current website even if we did not create or design the website. However, we only support websites that are built using Webflow's platform.

Don’t have any branding or creative assets?
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We understand some businesses do not have branding or creative assets but need a website. We can support you by using placeholder branding or text-based logo wordmarks. All assets are open to revisions; you can replace the designs anytime! 

How do we work together?
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Once you sign up, you get access to a custom dashboard where you can invite your teammates, create new tasks, set the priority of revisions, monitor our output, and manage the entire process. In addition, each dashboard includes your business's name and logo, direct messaging with our team, and easy Slack integration, so you don't have to login every time we make an update.

Does Zippy include a Webflow site plan with their packages?
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The cost of a Webflow site plan is not included in any package we offer. Our team will walk you through the cost outline for Webflow's plans once a Zippy plan is selected. Our recommendation for a site plan is based on the client's site needs.

Are all packages delivered within 7 days?
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Zippy guarantees that all websites are delivered within 7 days after you purchase the package, or the website is free. We do not guarantee that customers who purchase a subscription will receive their website in seven days. Our subscription customers have access to unlimited design revisions and site pages early in the project process and might not have a site they need redesigned from a blank canvas.

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